Filippo Minelli

Filippo Minelli (Brescia 1983) is a contemporary-artist connoting his artistic productions with interventions in public space, many times of urban typology. His artistic path in traditional Graffitism begins in the second half (…)


Peter Crawley

Stitched illustrations by Peter Crawley. (…)


Scheltens & Abbenes

Scheltens & Abbenes are the sum total of the unique talent of a still-life photographer and the creative craftsmanship of an artist/stylist. Technical perfection added to individual handicraft, strong pictorial clarity in addition to tailor-made styling. (…)


Sacred Mtn.

Modern and fun illustrative work by Sacred Mtn. (or just Scott), currently working as creative director at Ordinary Kids in San Fransisco. (…)


Klas Herbert

Designer and Illustrator Klas Herbert has, among other neat pieces of work, made this illustration(s) for Baltic Sea Position. (…)


Tim Enthoven

Illustrator Tim Enthoven, The Netherlands. (…)


John Borowicz

Illustrator John Borowicz, born in New Bedford, Massachusetts in 1968.

These, among many additional graphite illustrations, in a exhibition called “Sprawling Conglomerates” will be displayed at the Adam Baumgold Gallery, from June 17 through August 4. (…)


James Jean

Straight outta James Jean’s Moleskin is where you’ll find great illustrative work. Check out additional work in his portfolio. (…)


Paul Blow

When it comes to illustration this guy, Paul Blow, really stands out with his contemporary political pieces of work. Neat portfolio, indeed. (…)


Terry Rodgers

American artist Terry Rodgers seriously knows how to work the oil. Check him out! (…)



Having spent many hours watching Batman and Robin when I was younger, this post celebrates the rather nostalgic typographic design of the onomatopoeias. KAPOW! (…)

Michael Willis

Michael Willis

Graphic artist Michael Willis based in the UK. Also a member of the Panther Club. Michael’s got one of the quirkiest but smoothest portfolio sites I’ve seen in a while.

Benbo George

Benbo George

UK based graphic designer and illustrator Benbo George’s abstractions are sleek. A little bit like Dali, a little bit like Blade Runner. (…)


Effing Typeface

Alex Merto stands behind this rather symbolic typeface. Now remember kids: B is for Boobies. (…)


Carly Waito

Artist Carly Waito from Toronto has created these beautiful oil paintings. (…)


Friends With You Updates

My house gods, Friends With You, just updated their site. And it’s as good as their work. Don’t know how that’s possible though. I actually feel creatively impaired after browsing it. I need a drink!


Salva Lopez

Photographic work by graphic designer and illustrator Salva Lopez. Neat work! (…)


Luke Lucas

Tasty typographic illustrations by Luke Lucas based in Melbourne. (…)


Anton Repponen

I LOVE these characters made by Anton Repponen.


Firmorama Design Studio

Brazilian design studio Firmorama enriches the world with some delicious illustrations. Yummy.