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David Lynch’s Champagne Dreams

Just to get it out of the way. I’m a huge fan of David Lynch. Today NOWNESS released an article about him designing his own limited-edition bottle for Dom Pérignon. Now this is how you sell Champagne! The first part of the article says: (…)



Ritator deploy unique concepts to create attention and interest for their clients in business, government and the public sector. (…)



Old in the game, studio Vasava updates! Ok ok, no more Barcelonians… maybe.



Graphic designer and graffiti artist Nico189 has made this beautiful, yet simple, piece of work. Who, as anytype of graphic artist, would even hesitate laying hands on these cans, if they existed? (…)

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Sincerely Yours Videos

Swedish record label Sincerely Yours just posted another of their super artsy videos on (…)


Ivan Bertin

A few months ago graphic designer & producer Ivan Bertin made this campaign movie for Sidaction, in their struggle against AIDS. (…)