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Yusuf Sevinçli

Name: Yusuf Sevinçli.
Born: Zonguldak, Turkey in 1980.
Weapon setup of choice: Any small camera with high speed films.

What gives you inspiration?
For me personally it’s easy to be inspired by simple daily things. Street life, conversations with friends, cities and skyscrapers, daily politics, mayor of Istanbul; Kadir Topbaş, primetime news on TV, reading from history and my girlfriend. This to works of great artists like filmmaker Jim Jarmusch, songs by Bob Dylan, literature, photographers like Robert Frank, Daido Moriyama and William Eggleston.

Do you have any special influences?
Even though some people may think it sounds strange I think my main motivation is politics. This because I see my work as an individual’s answer/reaction to what’s going on in his surroundings. And what I mean by that is the social structure, public and private relations, economics and so forth. These are still the most important aspects of life, shaped by politics.

I also don’t live isolated on top of the mountains. I’m often times surrounded by other people, and as a human being I’m a product of a certain time and place, which deeply affects me. I have to respond to this with what I do best, and in my case it’s photography.

You’ve brought some photos here for us, why them?
These pictures is a selection of which I think describes the best of me and the city of Istanbul, where I now live. And the people in these photographs are my friends, the locals. So that’s us and the metropolis we live in the early 21th century!

Can you remember your first photo taken?
I was around 11 to 12 years old and I was the wedding photographer for my brother!

Finally. Do you have any tips for aspiring photographers on how to succeed?
I don’t believe there are certain rules in arts but there’s no better recipe to succeed but to work hard. With this and discipline anyone can go his or hers unique, personal path.

More work by Yusuf Sevinçli can be found at TinyVices or in his portfolio.