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Dash Snow

“Last night I went home and dug out a picture that I took of Dash with his Polaroid camera a few years ago when we were doing a late-night at his house. He wrote in pen around the border of the image: “Moments Like This Never Last… Krills, Horse, Good Times, Great Oldies.” It stings to see that drug talk in the context of right now, but it also reminds me of his sense of humor and how alive and awake he was. It seems to me that he packed more living into his 27 years than many people do in 80.”

JESSE PEARSON, “Dash Snow (1981-2009)”, Vice.

I randomly surfed the web when I found this young photographer and artist named Dash Snow. Some clicks later on I found this post at Viceland about a young artist who died at 27 years of age. His name was Dash Snow.

In memory of his adventurous and raw photographs I now would like to share some of his Polaroid work. Enjoy!