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At Night by Jean-Michael Seminaro

A few weeks ago I was sent a bunch of publications by Pogo Books to review. I first knew about this German independent publisher a couple of years ago, when they added me on Flickr. Since then, I’ve been interested in their books and selection of artists, but I hadn’t had a chance of taking a look at their publications until now.

I must admit that the books Claudio Pfeifer, founder of Pogo Books, has sent have lived up to my expectations. I love the different formats and paper choices, and as I said before, the artists curation is excellent.

I’ve chosen At Night by Jean-Michael Seminaro for my first review, probably because it’s quite different from the rest of books I was sent. In At Night Jean-Michael collects suburban moments originated from a fail or a miss shot.

This 16-pages book is in fact a representation of everything that happens at night in those quiet suburban neighbourhoods. Jean-Michael says that in most occasions, the pictures were really dark and the digital process had to be pushed in order to obtain clearer images. The result was grainy pictures, which were intensified by the use of the built-in flash at night.

The process is simple, but I find the results really interesting. The grain creates a voyeur and amateur aesthetics that really works with the suburban theme and all those gardens and house exteriors that Jean-Michael has snapped for this book.

The only negative aspect is the length of the book. After flipping through the 16 pages you really wish you could see more of everything that is going on at Jean-Michael´s neighbourhood during those winter nights.

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