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Filippo Minelli

Filippo Minelli (Brescia 1983) is a contemporary-artist connoting his artistic productions with interventions in public space, many times of urban typology. His artistic path in traditional Graffitism begins in the second half (…)


John Crawford

Auckland based John Crawford is one of New Zealand’s best known photographers. His portfolio of commissioned and uncommissioned works is diverse in subject matter and mood, yet unmistakeable in its use of light and (…)

Turkey; Antalya; Lara Beach; World of Wonders, Kremlin Palace; Animator dressed as Superman

Reiner Riedler

Photographer Reiner Riedler born in Gmunden, Austria. ”When wishes are out of reach, simulation is taking over our leisure time and our holidays. Imaginary worlds are created, often under massive technological exertion, in order to offer us experience (…)

Screen shot 2012-04-09 at 1.32.51 AM

Nathalie Daoust

Nathalie Daoust’s latest project, Tokyo Hotel Story, continues her exploration of female sexuality and subversion of gender stereotypes. Spending several months in the Alpha In, one of the biggest S&M “love hotels” in Japan. (…)

(Triangle) Cainville, Utah

Jim Sanborn

These photos are from Jim Sanborn‘s “The Topographic Projections and Implied Geometries Series”. They are long exposures photographs of enormous light projections. Very impressive work. (…)


Carlo Bernardini

Awesome laser installations created by artist Carlo Bernardini from Milano. Love it. Nuff said. (…)

Screen shot 2012-04-02 at 7.43.52 PM

George Georgiou

Photographer George Georgiou about himself: ”I have photographed extensively in the Balkans, Eastern Europe and Turkey for the last decade, living and working in Serbia, Greece and for nearly five years in Istanbul. (…)

19.Carol Vaccums Dad

Jennifer Juniper Stratford

Jennifer Juniper Stratford is a photographer and video artist struggling daily in her love/hate relationship with the movie making industry that is explored through photographic series and the production of cult movies. Rather than rely on the latest technological advancements, (…)



Directed by Andrew Thomas Huang WINNER at SLAMDANCE 2012 of the Special Jury Prize for Experimental Short. (…)


Klaus Pichler

Skeletons in the closet – A photo project in the Museum of Natural History Vienna by Klaus Pichler. “It all started when I happened to catch a glimpse through a basement window of the museum of natural history one night: an office with a desk, a computer, shelves and a stuffed antelope. (…)


Peter Funch

The coincidently coordinated people of New York is playing along well with my conception of the city. All very strangely synchronized. (…)


Lukasz Wierzbowski

Lukasz Wierzbowski is one of my good old flickr favorites. It almost seems like he is living in his own photographic world of vibrant colors and charming girls. (…)


Interview Project

Interview Project by David Lynch. “What is Interview project? The Interview Project is a roadtrip where people have been found and interviewed. People should watch interview project (…)


Armin Adams

Mister Adams pictures want me to take the next flight to Los Angeles, grab a beer, eat some burgers and skate with Armin into the Californian sunset.


Garrett Faber

Garrett Faber from Pennsylvania is 24 and loves to shoot in the snow.


Daniel Schreiber

Daniel Schreiber is a musician who plays together with the Waxolutionists and Vera Böhnisch. While on the road he snaps his extravagant lifestyle and of course also his beautiful girlfriend. (…)


Colour by Numbers

Colour by Numbers is a permanent light installation in the tower at Telefonplan in Stockholm, Sweden. Everyone can change the colours in the tower with their mobile phone, just like with a remote control. The project is a collaboration between the architect Milo Lavén, the artist Erik Krikortz and the interaction designer Loove Broms. (…)


Hengki Koentjoro

Underwater photography by Henki Koentjoro.


Sam Irons

Sam Irons, photographer at Lisa Pritchard Agency. (…)


Osma Harvilahti

Osma Harvilahti, from Helsinki, has got some great snapshots. (…)