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Fredrick Carlsson

Plug in your best speakers and play this neat remix of Pnau’s track Embrace – fresh out of Fredrick Carlsson’s magic oven and ready to fill the hungry floors.

Pnau – Embrace (Fredick Carlsson Epic Remix)[audio:]

You can easily tell that Fredrik reheats his tracks with great care and skips the easy way with the microwave and delivers something which feels right in time, re-suited for dancing. Like this technofied remix of Jonathan Johanssons En Hand I Himlen.

Jonathan Johansson – En Hand I Himlen (En Fot i Graven Remix)[audio:]
The Embrace-remix also caught Nick Littlemore from Panu’s attention who said, quote, “Wow. I’m really impressed. Good things”. And yes, this is good things, so make sure to visit his Myspace and listen to his other dance firendly remixes of tracks by Phoenix, They Live by Night and Digialism, just to mention a few.

We also got the chance to do a quick interview with Fredrick.

Hello Fredrick!
Hi Svärta!

Who are you? What’s the short story of your life?
Basically I’m a producer and remixer from the heart of Sweden, Gothenburg, but with my roots in Karlstad (the solar plexus of sweden?). I started doing music as some kind of anarchic protest many years ago and back in those days I mainly did distorted, angry and angsty music for teens clad in black. At some point I figured that I’d be better of, and have more fun, by doing more straightforward stuff. Danceable tunes! So, here I am, seven years later with a buckload of experience in remixing and producing.

So, what’s going on right now?
At the moment I’m finishing my EP which is to be released soon (I hope). It will be a bit different than my previous work. Darker, more polished but still danceable, and with vocals on almost every track!
Also, I’m always remixing and producing new stuff. I’ve also got some interesting collaborations going on.

What kind of music do you get influenced by? Top 5.
At the moment I’m really into:
Japan (The old band, not the country)
Bangkok Impact (Really heavy finnish electro-disco)
Catnip (Luke Eargoggle and Legowelt! Awesome stuff!)
Current 93 (Legendary Neo-folk!)
Stimmhorn (Bizarre horn and yodel-stuff from somewhere in Europe, haha)

Why is Gothenburg such a good place for music makers? Is it effecting your music somehow?
The sun never shines and it’s always windy so people who live here have to stay inside and find ways to be creative and constructive. (Is that even a word? Constructive…?) We’ve always had a lot of bedroom producers and songwriters, perhaps because of the weather, so the musical climate is always good. Also, Gothenburg is a city who puts a lot of effort into culture and clubs, so there’s always a lot of venues and scenes where you can display and play your stuff.

Favorite mp3-blogs?
Well, i have to say Dödselectro and Warmer Climes. I don’t usually hang around on blogs that much, not when I’m producing at least. :) It’s so easy, as a musician, to get “over stimulated” when you’re checking out blogs while working intensely on tracks.

Best nightclubs?
Wow, so many to choose from. I have to say Kraft, Bubbel Trubbel, Skoldisco and The Eye!

And finally, what do you want for christmas?
A really thin black tie, and I bet I will get one from my girlfriend. Also, I want one of those Joy Division T-shirts that everyone have. The one with the cover from “Unknown Pleasures” since it’s friggin’ impossible to find it in any store anywhere… Oh, and don’t forget world peace and all that jazz.

Thanks for your time Fredrick!
No Problem :)