rjdj ghostly

Mood your music

Everywhere we turn these days AR (Augmented Reality) applications really is the thing. If you have an iPhone (which we actually presume some of you do) we just wanted give a heads up on one (or two) apps.

RjDj (http://www.rjdj.me/) is a augmented reality based app for the iPhone that lets you interact with music, twisting adding your style to beats. I personally can talk about this and its awesome possibilities for hours. Instead I will stop here and let ya’ll decide for yourself. Download it and GO CRAZY! “Hey, it’s mushrooms without the mushrooms!” John Mahoney, Gizmodo.

Also make sure to check out this demonstration:

The other one is Ghostly (http://ghostly.com/discovery) which lets you find music depending on your mood. Based on a several parameters the application picks out a certain music based on your settings. This is, as you may know, not really augmented but it is still a neat app made for music lovers like ourselves to find new music and styles.