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Lasting Statement

With the design help of Timoni WestAndy Smith has created a poignant website called Lasting Statement that presents the final statements and some images of theh “men and women who have been executed by the state of Texas since 1982.” (…)


At Night by Jean-Michael Seminaro

A few weeks ago I was sent a bunch of publications by Pogo Books to review. I first knew about this German independent publisher a couple of years ago, when they added me on Flickr. Since then, I’ve been (…)

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David Lynch’s Champagne Dreams

Just to get it out of the way. I’m a huge fan of David Lynch. Today NOWNESS released an article about him designing his own limited-edition bottle for Dom Pérignon. Now this is how you sell Champagne! The first part of the article says: (…)


Adam Revington

Give it up for young photographer Adam Revington, born in 1990, living and working in Toronto. My glass orb says his future will have something to do with next level shiet analogue style. (…)


Laura Austin

A while ago I stumbled across a number of lovely of photographs taken by photographer Laura Austin. I decided to get in touch with her as I sensed there was way more to it than just beautiful photographs taken along the road. (…)


A Book of Beards

A Book of Beards, by Justin James Muir, is a rather extensive selection of impressive containing 86 beards, 125 pages and 18 written contributions. Mike Cummings says the following about the book: (…)


Zine Review: Rue by Michael J DeMeo

Michael J DeMeo is a photographer and the editor of photography zine No Thoughts. Michael sent me last week a copy of Rue, his latest photo book. “This is story about my friend… this is a story about addiction”, that’s how Michael describes the images contained in Rue. (…)


Aaron Webber

This is 23 year old Photographer Aaron Webber, currently living in Perth of Western Australia – the most isolated city in the world. Aaron tells us about his interest in real life which started emerging after an accident in 2008 causing a broken spine. (…)

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Remember Keith Haring

In memory of Keith Haring, who today would have turned 54 years of age, Google have dedicated their search logo just for him. The artwork uses some of Haring’s signature work to form the word ‘Google’ in their search (…)

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Ben Huff

Featured interview with Photographer Ben Huff from Iowa currently living in Juneau, Alaska. (…)



I’d say this is rather brilliant. “In 1964, a Zambian grade-school science teacher single-handedly, and unilaterally, created a space program for his country. The program involved rolling aspiring astronauts down a hill in (…)


Sasha Kurmaz

To artist and photographer Sasha Kurmaz, based in capital of Ukraine Kiev, it seems to be all about making dead simple yet sometimes provocative pieces of art. This while chasing beautiful women around town. Oh, and did I mention? Sasha was born in Chernobyl -86. (…)



Worlds cheapest digital camera made out of one piece folded cardboard, a single circuit board for all electronics, camera sensor and integrated USB connector. The cardboard enclosure is secured by two plastic screws. (…)

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No Layout

If you’re the kind of person who just love zines and haven’t come across this one – look no further. No Layout s a digital library for independent publishers, focusing on art books and fashion magazines. I have an idea. Support them by grabbing anything you might like! (…)

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Geordie Wood

Featured interview with a to the wesome Brooklyn-based photographer Geordie Wood. (…)


Shay Aaron

Incredibly cute and delicious (?) dishes made by Shay Aaron. Buy his stuff over at his Etsy. (…)


Nick Ballon

Nick is an observer par excellence. With an underlying, yet gently satirical sense of humour, his documentary photography is as carefully considered as he is as a person. His portraits are wonderfully to the (…)

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For those of you in Stockholm who are about to miss out on this: “Welcome to Screen, Kulturhuset’s brand new online art gallery. This is the English, somewhat slimmer, version of Screen (and here is the Swedish website). (…)

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Yoshi Sodeoka

Yoshi Sodeoka is a multidisciplinary artist and musician from Yokohama, Japan, who’s lived and worked in New York for more than two decades. “Sodeoka’s psychedelic video art—informed by his background as a painter, punk rocker, and (…)


Randy P. Martin

It almost felt weird when I realized we actually haven’t featured photographer Randy P. Martin before. This is what he says about his snapshots: (…)